Avast is one of the largest security companies in the world. By combining artificial intelligence with human integrity, they have created sophisticated solutions to safeguard their growing customer base. They protect the data, identity, and privacy of people and organisations on an international scale with operations in 59 different countries, each with over 1 million users. They currently have over 435 million active users and over 1,700 employees worldwide.

The Challenge

With is a shortage of talent in today’s cyber security market and thousands of companies searching for ways to grow their businesses with the best talent, hiring can be a challenge.

As a leader within Cyber and IoT Security, Avast were aware that market demand for IoT experince has grown, finding the perfect mix of cyber security experience to support IoT knowledge is a challenge.

Avast engaged with Expand Executive Search to utilise our Commit service for two projects, to find a new “Global Head of Channel Alliance” and a “Director of Carrier Sales – Americas”. Our Commit service reduces the business risks in relation to hiring as it is based upon our methodologies, terms and guarantees.

Expand’s Solution

We utilised a highly proactive search. Deploying our full range of tools to locate the best talent; Primarily, accessing our  68,000 strong network of talent, attending cyber security events for insights and candidate referrals, leveraged our network of senior clients and candidates in the IoT Security industry to get recommendations, using targeted marketing campaigns via email and LinkedIn.

This process generated an extensive amount of market research and thorough market mapping. Following direct approaches to the best targeted candidates, Expand carried out interviews and assessments to ensure our Commit service offered unrivalled value to Avast.

Once the above processes were complete, Expand delivered a short list for each of the projects, representing the best talent in the industry. The shortlists were based upon a structured understanding of the necessary profile of the potential candidates based upon skills, behaviours and values.

Results and Feedback

Expand facilitated Avast in recruiting two exceptional sales professionals, who brought excellent references from industry leading C-Level professionals. These appointments will allow Avast to achieve their business ambitions in the Carrier and Channel Alliance markets in the United States.

Ron Dunagan

Global Head of Channel Alliance @ Avast Software

“I have to say, of all of the recruiters I’ve spoken with over my career, Charlie is absolutely the most professional and ‘on top of it’ with the necessary coordination and follow through. I will also say that his professionalism and knowledge is what makes him successful”

Steve Widowski

Director of Carrier Sales – Americas @ Avast Software

“Charlie’s market insights, client knowledge, negotiation skills and commitment to myself and the client were exceptional. These skills supported by honesty, integrity and a sense of humour sets the benchmark for Cyber Security recruitment. I highly recommend Charlie to any Cyber Security professionals that are considering a new opportunity or who are looking to grow their team”

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