Client Company – BalaBit

BalaBit – headquartered in Luxembourg – is a European IT security innovator and a leading provider of advanced user monitoring technologies. It has sales offices in Benelux, France, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Russia, the United Kingdom and the United States, and partners in more than 40 countries.
BalaBit has customers all over the world, including 23 Fortune 100 companies.
One of the fastest growing IT Security companies in Europe, BalaBit has been selected for the Deloitte Technology Fast 500 EMEA List in 2009, and for the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 CE List four times in five years. The company has an extended technology partnership with industry leading technology providers, including Citrix, VMware, Red Hat and Oracle.
BalaBit’s Contextual Security IntelligenceTM product portfolio uniquely covers key IT security needs including reliable Log Management, Privileged User Monitoring and User Behavior Analytics.
Founded in 2000, BalaBit has a long track record as the developer of Syslog-ng, the most popular open source log management tool with more than a million corporate users worldwide. For more information, visit

Project: International growth of Sales and Pre Sales organisation

Our first project with BalaBit was in April 2014. Having struggled to find talented Pre Sales professionals in the UK we initially utilised our Connect service. This demonstrated our capability to recruit the required UK Pre Sales candidate. With plans to expand headcount in seven countries, despite a highly capable HR department and a responsive culture, it was apparent that a project delivered by an external partner was required.

Expand’s solution

We presented to BalaBit how our Complete partnership could offer them flexibility, a highly responsive dedicated team, a full search-based model to pipeline the best talent in multiple locations simultaneously, consequently offering them economies of scale. In January 2015 we agreed on a two-year sole supplier agreement with the first 13 hires to be made in H1. This started with salary benchmarking and a full search in each location.

The result and feedback

As of May 2015, David Wilde has successfully delivered 9 hires ahead of schedule. These have been Direct and Channel Sales and Pre Sales experts. Candidates have been appointed in France, UK, Belgium, Netherlands, Sweden, Germany and the USA. The partnership will continue to maintain the exceptional level of talent that supports BalaBit in achieving their current and future business goals.

Since BalaBit has been extending its business operations to several new regions, we needed a recruitment agency that was capable of finding the required talent on an international scale. In the past we had worked with several agencies but none of them come close to the standard obtained from Expand. I have always found the service provided by Expand to be responsive and professional both for us and our candidates. Expand’s team is always professional, prompt, and keen to understand and meet client needs. I believe Expand is committed to finding the most suitable person for our requirements, even though some of our assignments have been challenging in respect of the calibre of person and skills required within tight deadlines

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