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Looking back, 20 years: what’s changed (and what hasn’t!)

As we approach our 20-year anniversary, I’ve been reflecting on how the business has developed during this time. When we we reestablished in January 1999, the telecoms and technology industry was a very different place. The world was midway through the dotcom boom, Google’s founders were still running their startup from a garage, and Facebook didn’t exist at all. Recruitment …

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6 key tactics to accelerate your hiring in 2019

Hiring in most tech and digital industries is candidate-led, meaning there are more vacancies than suitable candidates. According to LinkedIn only 11% of talent professionals and hiring managers surveyed recently said they were proactive about hiring in-demand talent—while nearly half (48%) were more reactive, only looking to hire once their need was urgent. These reactive companies were far more likely …

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EdTech: How technology is transforming learning across the world.

Online apps and platforms have infiltrated virtually every area of our lives, and education is no different. Education technology (‘edtech’) is transforming the way we acquire knowledge and skills, aiming to make learning faster, more cost-effective and enjoyable. Edtech spans a range of areas; from online submission of homework, platforms for online courses or entire degree programs, mobile learning applications, …

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Facebook Data Hack: Here we go again?

Less than a year after the Cambridge Analytica scandal, Facebook is making headlines again. This time, it’s for a data breach in September that compromised the accounts of around 30 million users. It’s believed that hackers gained access to private information through a fault in access tokens, a tool that allows accounts to remain logged in on devices. Facebook has …

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Finding Leaders in 5G: Hiring Top Telco Talent for Interim Roles

The biggest challenge and opportunity in Digital Transformation is having the right people to execute on your strategy. With changing business attitudes and the kick-off of new transformation projects, there’s a real need for strategic Interim Management. Hiring the best Interim talent is a challenge that every telco has faced and needs to be prepared for. Finding the right manager …

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2018 has seen changes to wholesale regulation. But how far will it go?

This year, regulators are forcing the hand of incumbent operators who have for many years reaped the rewards from their dominant market positions. It’s difficult to argue with regulators; they lit the touch paper that sparked the telecom industry into life in the 1990’s. Now those same regulators are striking their matches again in an effort to shake up the …

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How IoT is shaking up the automotive industry

The internet of things is irrevocably changing established industries, and the automotive sector is no different. From connecting services in the vehicle, digital manufacturing techniques, to paving the way towards self-driving cars, the IoT is enabling innovation. Here are some of the ways in which this is playing out. Auto Manufacturing. Implementing smart manufacturing and Industry 4.0 is critical for …

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Why Esports could represent big money for investors

Barely ten years ago, you might not have thought that watching video gamers battle it out in live arenas for huge sums of prize money could be called a ‘sport’, let alone a burgeoning digital industry. But esports is growing fast; and bringing with it opportunities for investors. The often-cited figures from Newzoo predict that the global esports industry will …