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The rise of the interim counsel: Why tech firms are hiring contracting lawyers

For many start-ups and early stage businesses solving legal challenges presents a dilemma. Unforeseen issues may arise without warning, leaving founders without the knowledge to solve the problem in-house. Whilst in the early days founders might use outsourced self-serve products for basic tasks, and pay for an external lawyer to advise on more complex issues, this can quickly become a …

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5 Payments Trends defining the industry right now

We’ve recently welcomed Steph Thomson to the team at Expand. With 11 years’ experience in specialist recruitment, Steph is already proving a valuable addition to our business. She’s helping us serve our existing clients and drive new business in the Fintech industry, a sector that continues to experience huge growth and a critical need for talented candidates. With this in …

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Three ways 5G will change everything

One of the most anticipated technologies to hit the communications industry, 5G is set to create a step-change in performance, disrupting business models and enabling entire new industries. While 3G to 4G was a bit like going from walking to sprinting, 5G will be like getting behind the wheel of a supercar. At peak efficiency, 5G will be able to …

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Hottest trends in marketing and advertising right now

Digital has made significant advances over the last few years, but could 2019 be the year that tools like chatbots and digital out of home go truly mainstream? Let’s find out. Connected TV Although connected TV advertising is still a small portion of overall video ad spending, it’s poised for growth as digital streaming via connected TVs becomes more popular. …

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Where tech and government collide? The challenge of regulating electric scooters in smart cities.

Electric scooters have exploded onto the scene recently, scattering the streets from Paris to San Francisco, Singapore to Berlin, bringing VC backed scooter-sharing startups head to head with governments and city authorities. Scooters are the battleground for a wider issue –how will the mobility industry (which will eventually include autonomous vehicles and drones) work with cities to ensure urban transport …

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Investment and M&A in the travel sector 2018: innovative firms win, and a big year for mobility

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) and investment activity always speaks volumes about an industry, and the travel sector in 2018 was no different. Growing segments like mobility, experiential travel, and travel technology saw significant activity as newer players proved their business models. Mobility saw large investment, with high-profile companies in bike and scooter transportation (OFO, HelloBike, LimeBike..) securing lucrative venture capital …

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Looking back, 20 years: what’s changed (and what hasn’t!)

As we approach our 20-year anniversary, I’ve been reflecting on how the business has developed during this time. When we were reestablished in January 1999, the telecoms and technology industry was a very different place. The world was midway through the dotcom boom, Google’s founders were still running their startup from a garage, and Facebook didn’t exist at all. Recruitment …

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6 key tactics to accelerate your hiring in 2019

Hiring in most tech and digital industries is candidate-led, meaning there are more vacancies than suitable candidates. According to LinkedIn only 11% of talent professionals and hiring managers surveyed recently said they were proactive about hiring in-demand talent—while nearly half (48%) were more reactive, only looking to hire once their need was urgent. These reactive companies were far more likely …

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EdTech: How technology is transforming learning across the world.

Online apps and platforms have infiltrated virtually every area of our lives, and education is no different. Education technology (‘edtech’) is transforming the way we acquire knowledge and skills, aiming to make learning faster, more cost-effective and enjoyable. Edtech spans a range of areas; from online submission of homework, platforms for online courses or entire degree programs, mobile learning applications, …