1. Re-visit ALL of your old colleagues and stake holders you EVER had contact with. After years of being a success in your industry you will be surprised how many people you know. The majority of people will be happy to help and make introductions. If nothing else, human connection is really positive and will lift your mood.


  1. Post on LinkedIn and respond to the posts of the companies you are interested in. You never know whose reading them.


  1. Treat your search like job. The market will come back (it’s already started) and you need to be at full tilt when it does. Stay up to date with what is happening in your sector. Don’t get left behind.


  1. Focus on roles and companies that are in your ‘sweet spot’, where you will be able to have most impact quickly. That is where you will optimise your experience and value.


  1. Stay cool! These are uncertain times many situations that people find themselves in are beyond their control – you’re doing the right thing.


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