Do any of these business challenges sound familiar?

  • You are unsure about the business outlook, so are reluctant to commit to hiring
  • Pressure is building with projects that need delivery
  • Covid related complexities have created unexpected business pressures
  • IR35 forced your hand in terminating Contractors early
  • Transfer of Contractors to permanent employed contracts were not as well received as expected
  • Your team are stretched and have zero spare capacity

These are the conversations we are having with clients… There is a remedy.

With IR35 being delayed in the UK until 2021, flexible resource via Contractors offers the solution to these short term challenges.  Roles that need highly skilled experts (often capable of operating remotely),  who will deliver an immediate impact or where long term demand is uncertain can be filled rapidly with short term resource.

You may not have considered the use of Contractors previously but this solution was designed for times like these. We have a team who can deliver a compliant and efficient solution rapidly. Get in touch with Richard Edwards to understand more.