Form3 helps banks and regulated fintech’s move money faster. Form3 is one of the hottest payments fintechs in the UK. Scaling the company to 100 staff, through 3 investment rounds raising over $30m and growing a customer base of the most exciting and disruptive fintechs and banks in the world including N26, Holvi, Viva, Tandem and Ebury.

As one of the founders of Form3 in 2016, Adam has built a unique lens from working in the financial technology sector across the US, Europe and the UK. He believes that if you can create a business from scratch do it, and he did so with great people.

Tell us what makes Form3 a special place to work?

While technology is at the forefront of what we do, it is the people that we have hired. We bring diverse teams together. We look for those who work well in start-ups, where there is a lot of ambiguity. We have an open style without formality or hierarchy, and we collaborate to identify solutions and take the company forward.

What do you look for when hiring?

Firstly, people who will be comfortable working with pace, where everyone is hands on and has a real contribution to make.

Form3 has a deep learning culture, so we look for people who like to challenge themselves and learn every day. While each team are specialists in their field, we operate across functions. Individuals need to learn and understand how other teams operate, their styles and functions to achieve results. In a bigger more traditional business, individuals can sit in their silo. We don’t work like that.

With 97% staff retention, how do you recruit?

Candidates want to work for us. Our environment is fun. If people like what they do, they will enjoy working at Form3. We have no dead wood; our culture and values are strong and drive our business.

Selection is key. We interview 180 engineers per month. Our 3 internal recruiters conduct 200 calls a day, then they interview and test to identify the best. We offer 5 jobs from that. We only hire amazing people, the difference between an average engineer and an amazing engineer is x10 in terms of the quality product produced. Candidates know that, and that is why they want to join.

How to you Onboard people?

Our onboarding is typically 3 months and structured in design. We expect people to perform, to learn and develop knowledge within that time. If people don’t, they don’t stay. However, those who do, thrive and are happy.

How do you reward the team?

Form3 may be demanding – we look for those who want to contribute at a company level. Everyone in the company has shares. We don’t want people to operate in islands, we want everyone pulling together, working to improve our business.

To underpin that we do not offer rewards based on individual contribution.  No one person makes things happen- it takes the whole company. We do not want to marginalise anyone, our company-based bonus is inclusive. Our emphasis is on fair and good salaries, not low base salaries and huge commissions. Rather than reward being the exception, we reward everybody. Everyone has 30 days holiday and share options. We actively benchmark salaries and action findings to ensure we remain an attractive employer.

If you could appoint anyone to your leadership team, who would you hire?

Elon Musk, because his ambition is big enough. He executes that big ambition and I think we would find that motivational. The impact of what we do is changing millions of lives but we could impact the whole planet through our disruptive cloud based platform, but we are quite modest. Elon Musk could help us get there faster.

What will be the biggest disruptor to the world of work in the next 3 years?

The realisation that the split of time in an office versus time at home could be managed differently. The loss of time and environmental impact of commuting, the cost of inefficient city offices that could be geographically distributed. Perhaps the emergence of Common spaces where business and social connections could happen.