Every summer, around 7000 delegates from over 2000 companies in the wholesale telecoms space come together at ITW (International Telecommunications Week), to discuss the latest trends, challenges and opportunities happening in the industry.

Expand have been regular attendees of ITW since our inception. The conversation is different every year, but it’s always good to see familiar faces as well as network with new contacts.

This year, delegates gathered in Atlanta to discuss a range of themes such as zero-touch networks, 5G integration and the internet of moving things (IOMT). But one thing that everyone seemed to be talking about was A2P messaging, a growth area for the industry and many of our clients.

A2P (application-to-person) messaging describes traffic where messages are sent from an application to someone’s device, as opposed to person-to-person messaging. Also known as enterprise messaging, A2P use cases include two factor authentication, appointment reminders, booking confirmations, notifications and marketing messages.

The number of A2P messages sent is expected to grow from 2.5 trillion in 2019 to 3.5 trillion in 2023, with global A2P revenues also forecast to increase by 40% over this period to $62 billion. Factors driving this include increased penetration of mobile phones in the developing world and rising consumer expectations.

While A2P SMS are typically used for 2FA, there’s much buzz around the opportunity that RCS (rich communications services) presents; as the new protocol replacing SMS is capable of displaying richer, interactive content.  Operators now have the chance to exploit their subscriber base to generate new revenue streams, such as advertising and mobile payments, and substantially enhance the customer experience. Who knows where we’ll be come next year’s ITW.

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