How important is your personal data to you? In typical times, the response is  usually “VERY”.

GDPR  raised consumer awareness and offered a sense of security around our personal data (pardon the pun). Yet with the pressure to do our “Civic duty” and supply data for Track and Trace, are we at risk of losing all control?

Reports suggest a 600% increase in the number of phishing emails worldwide that used Coronavirus-related themes to target individuals and businesses.

Sophisticated phishing attacks and subsequent data breaches are  developing faster than a vaccine for Covid-19. Worldwide, governments are racing to find an efficient way to collect personal data (such as geo-location) to keep us safe, but this creates a data privacy nightmare.

As consumers are we at risk of dropping our guard in our desire to do the “right thing”?  Skeptics are reluctant to share their data for fear of a ‘Big Brother’ state emerging.. What is the solution?

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