If the rising cost and time demands of recruitment or the challenge of attracting scarce talent are a real concern for your business in 2020, it could be time to find a new solution.

Talent Attraction-as-a-Service (TaaS) is important because of the increased competition for talent across today’s business landscape. Many sectors experience distinct skills shortages which makes identifying and recruiting the right person even more challenging.

But what exactly is TaaS? The TaaS-based Complete service from Expand Executive Search is a subscription service. You pay a controlled monthly cost, for a defined period of time and we deliver the very best talent, fast through a dedicated team.

It’s a fully managed service covering everything from skills analysis and talent pipelining to headhunting, managing selection processes, reporting, onboarding coaching and project management.

Let’s take a closer look at how TaaS can save you time, reduce recruitment costs and control your brand message, as well as provide a better candidate experience and improve diversity in your hiring process.

Flexible access to talent at the right time, at the right price

TaaS offers economies of scale. It’s fully flexible, so you can increase capacity and keep growing your business without recruitment becoming a drain on your resources. As a managed service, Complete will meet both permanent and contract resource needs.

With pressure to meet headcount plans you may not have the luxury of waiting to hire and upskill an internal recruitment team. Your hiring may peak and not warrant a long-term commitment.  Our Complete service gives you experienced recruiters, who know your market and bring insight to develop the most effective recruitment plan for your business.

This versatile service eliminates wasted time spent working with multiple suppliers, lost time in reviewing subpar cvs and the scheduling of interviews. It ensures a smooth and professional experience for the best candidates and transforms your hiring experience by driving optimal  outcomes. Our typical Service level agreements ensure conversions of Cv to interview (typical projects achieve 2:1) , interview to offer (4:1) and offer to acceptance (1.7:1)

Quality of hires is guaranteed

Complete reduces the business risk of hiring with a robust process and access to the best talent in the market.

As TaaS solutions such as Complete are fully managed by market specialist teams, who bring a network of the best candidates you’ll be guaranteed access to the best talent in the market as quickly as possible.

Controlled monthly payments, rather than unpredictable recruitment costs

Going from advertising a vacancy to the new employee’s start date can take weeks, if not months when you factor in notice periods. Briefing and negotiating terms with multiple agencies or hiring and payrolling an internal recruitment team with your requirements and managing their endeavours eats up a lot of valuable time. Costs can be a significant issue, as HR Review found that it could cost as much as £30,614 per employee to fill a vacant role.

If the uncertain and unpredictable costs and time spent recruiting is a problem, then the TaaS model is your solution. Your company can access exactly the skills you need immediately, without having to scour the market and advertise the role for weeks. There’s no uncertainty – only controlled monthly costs as part of your subscription plan.

To find out about how our TaaS-based solution Complete could work for you, get in touch.