You may have found yourself looking for a new job – perhaps for the first time in a long while. It can be daunting and overwhelming. We share our advice on how to approach your job hunt. Consider your career search a marketing project – how you are going to create demand for your personal brand.

1.Develop a Marketing Plan. Job hunting is a full-time occupation. Consider it a job. Set yourself goals and objectives with deadlines. Block periods of time and be structured in your approach, to avoid getting lost in a rabbit hole.

Grasp the opportunity to reflect, review your skills (maybe use a skills matrix) and consider some personal development or study while you have time, to add value to your product. Visualise what you would like to achieve in your next job, which technologies or companies excite you and be proactive in adding these to your plan.

2.Marketing collateral (or CV/Resume) must be relevant for the audience. No mean feat but this investment in the front end of your job search is vital. You know about Grammarly, and of course your CV will be perfect linguistically, but it must also be relevant to the targeted vacancy or company. Be specific about your value, what your contribution to a business is, or what problems you can solve.

Study each job advertisement and create a specific cv that highlights your relevance. Do not be afraid to modify wording, switch around key terms, and swap bullet points in and out. Keep it to 2 pages, be human and avoid clichés. If your CV is the 75th to be reviewed, you must make life easy for the customer.

Bear in mind the limitations of AI and ATS (applicant tracking systems). You may be a “Marketing Ninja” but a bot will not recognise that, think SEO when writing your cv/resume.

3.Your Online Brochure, (or LinkedIn) is a great channel to market. An opportunity to showcase your personal brand. Do not underestimate the value of a current, smiling headshot. Make sure your job title appears in the Headline of your profile- making it easy for customers to identify you in a search. Utilise the ‘articles’ function (consider a showreel) to showcase any publications, thought leadership, or projects that evidence your talent.

Avoid the ‘quick apply’ button. If this is your dream opportunity, take time. Research your target customer. Do any of your connections work there (on right of the LinkedIn job ad) who can support your application? You will generate a better ROI from well researched and targeted applications than a splatter gun ‘apply now’ approach. Create too much noise and you will lose focus and risk feeling demoralised with multiple rejections.

Build your network, make sure you are connected to everyone you have worked with previously, customers, suppliers, join alumni groups, follow companies you are interested in. Broaden your reach as far as possible.

Be active – video is an excellent way to boost traffic. Contribute to industry conversations. Help others where your expertise may be of value- pay it forward and don’t be shy in asking others for advice or help. This is social selling.

4.Identify your Channel Partners. Build relationships with a handful of trusted recruitment companies. At expand, we would love to place every candidate, but unfortunately that is not possible. Determine which consultants work in your space, understand your experience and will support you. No one firm dominates the sector, so choose your partners well and listen to their advice.

Overall, do not underestimate the energy demand generation requires. Look after your welfare. Your career search may feel exhausting at times. It is likely you will face rejection and resilience is vial. Consider how you can support your mental and physical wellbeing. Accept that the job market is competitive, rejection is not personal, you’ve just not found the right job yet. While the candidate market may feel flooded right now, talent shortages have not diminished. Your challenge is to make sure your marketing campaign is effective in securing the attention of the right customer and closing a sale.

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