As we approach our 20-year anniversary, I’ve been reflecting on how the business has developed during this time. When we were reestablished in January 1999, the telecoms and technology industry was a very different place. The world was midway through the dotcom boom, Google’s founders were still running their startup from a garage, and Facebook didn’t exist at all. Recruitment looked different too: there was no LinkedIn, and CVs were often received as hard copies via fax or post.

But many things haven’t changed. We were set up as a recruitment partner to the Band width Exchange, with the premise that ‘great people transform businesses’, something that still resonates with us today. It has always been about the people. The brilliant people that we have enjoyed working with, those for whom we have facilitated their career ambitions, the game changers that delivered enormous value to their business and the suppliers who have supported us on the journey.

We always wanted to be a remarkable employer that would change the recruitment industry, the awards we have won for reward and recognition and development of our people demonstrate that we are well on our way to realising the ambition. It is our people that enable the purpose and live our values.

Our core principles of working with complete commitment to providing outstanding client service, an excellent candidate experience, has seen us through challenging economic times (remember September 2008? I thought we’d have to turn the lights off) and remain to this day. The continual evolution and innovation is what excites me and I am confident will keep expand at the forefront of the sector.

I’m incredibly proud of what we have achieved in the last 20 years. We have delivered searches in 75 countries, across 5 continents,placing more than 2000 industry leaders. It’s been great to be recognised with industry awards and for all the team to share in our successes on the journey together.

The future is equally exciting Expand. We remain ambitious and just as driven as we were. We have new team members joining us and further hires planned for 2019. We will continue to develop business in new areas as well as entrenching our core practices in digital, technology and communications. Here’s to another 20 years: who knows what the tech world will look like then! Thankyou friends.