Meet Cheryl RuckWhy did you join Expand?

After interviewing with a number of Brighton recruitment companies, it was obvious that expand was the right place to join based on the conversations I had had with the Directors and the atmosphere of the office. I liked how established they were as a business and could see a clear path of progression.

What do you love about working there?

So much, honestly! We are a very successful but not big-headed company, and I always say you never know who the top biller is in the office-based on the way they conduct themselves which is so refreshing! We all support each other through the recruitment highs and lows, and I massively appreciate the openness and freedom we are given by the Directors.

What’s been your highlight?

When I first joined as a Delivery Consultant, I was fortunate to hit my Quarter target and the incentive at the time was a paid-for weekend trip for 2 to Ibiza in the summer. I took my best friend and we had an absolute blast! Best work incentive EVER!

How has Expand helped your career progress?

Well, I’ve been promoted twice now since joining just under 5 years ago so that answers that! But generally speaking, I’ve had a lot of hands-on support and encouragement from colleagues and the Director’s which has been invaluable. I have now hired my own Delivery Consultant who is incredible so looking to build up a team and conquer all!

How has the business responded to the pandemic?

We adopted a very flexible approach whereby we no longer worked every day in the office but currently we do 2-3 days per week. We are trusted to manage our schedule, so when I work on USA projects, I tend to have some time for myself in the morning, gym or coffee walk and start later because I know I’ll be working until 9/10 pm. I find this fits around our lives so much better.

How would you describe your team?

I think we’re all a bit bonkers, to be honest! We’re straight-talking but have a dry sense of humour and enjoy working together a lot. I think we’re probably all perfectionists who like to produce very high-quality work so can come across as very particular about things sometimes!

Why should people join Expand?

Because we’re a successful, reputable, and hard-working company. We offer such a good commission scheme and career growth plan you’d be mad not to. On top of that, we’re all a nice bunch of people and we genuinely want people to be successful and realize their goals. We also have so much fun together so it really is an awesome place to work.

If you’re interested in joining Expand speak to Cheryl or one of the team today.