The fintech sector is booming. With a record breaking $39.6 billion in VC-backed investment in 2018, many exciting new players are joining the ranks of firms disrupting the traditional banking sector through technology. Here are just a few of our ‘Ones to Watch’ for next year.

Tribe Payments

Officially launched in June 2019, Tribe are a payments provider to banks, fintechs, issuers, acquirers and others. They’ve built their technology from the ground up; it’s modular and containerised, meaning that their customers can develop services super-fast. It’s an exciting time for Tribe, who recently announced the appointments of three industry experts to their C suite.

Zip Co

Australian fintech Zip has firmly cemented itself as one of the leading players in the lucrative and fast-growing ‘buy now, pay later’ service. They’ve already secured 10,000+ retail partners and have recently announced the acquisition of Part-Pay, a New Zealand-based provider. In 2020 they’re looking to further their global expansion. Watch this space.


Curve, the consumer finance app that allows customers to consolidate multiple cards and accounts into one smartcard and app, have certainly been busy this year. They raised £4m of funding on Crowdcube in September 2019, a whopping four times their target. Curve are already valued at a £250m, and should hit 1 million customers by the end of 2019, setting them up for an unstoppable 2020.


Shieldpay is a digital escrow payments provider, providing a secure online mechanism to hold funds as a third party during a transaction (such as buying and selling property) thereby reducing fraud. The London-based firm is attracting big names, with the recent appointment of Nick Ogden, the founder of ClearBank, to their board, along with former Citi EMEA CEO Jim Cowles.

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