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Working for a Technology Start- Up – Career Coach

The Technology Start-Up is back with $23bl being invested by VCs in the first half of 2014 compared to between $20-30ml a year for the last five years. That said, in 2000 they spent a whopping $105bl but that burst the bubble and we don’t want that again just yet. We know this as we are recruiting for a number …

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NEVER ACCEPT A COUNTER OFFER! Or should you?- Career Coach

Handing in your notice is a fairly stressful moment of your life- Stressful because it’s a major decision. Choosing the person you want to marry and spend the rest of your life with, choosing your home and choosing your job are 3 of the biggest decisions you make in your life. In the current recruitment market place, your decision will …

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Hit the ground running- Career Coach

So, you’ve decided to change roles. You’ve gone through the selection process and been chosen. You’re the ideal candidate. Congratulations and welcome to your new employer and responsibilities. But now what? In our experience, one of the key challenges many successful candidates find early on is simply managing the transition to a new role. Having impressed the selection panel at …

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Investing in the Interview- Career Coach

It is at the interview stage that employers invariably first meet potential employees. It offers the best chance for both sides to sell themselves. For the candidate, it is an opportunity to explain their skills and experiences relative to the job description. For the company, it presents a chance to interrogate (in the nicest possible way) a candidate’s competencies and …