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How to build a greener, more efficient data centre.

Global data consumption is growing exponentially. More devices are coming online, driven by ballooning world population and the internet of things, and as technologies like blockchain, artificial intelligence and driverless cars gain traction, the importance of storing this data efficiently while minimising damage to our environment becomes more pressing than ever. Research published in December 2017 forecasted that information and …

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According to McAfee, we’re entering a machine learning arms race. Should we be worried?

Machine learning is becoming an increasingly common defence tool against cyber-attacks: capable of intelligently sifting through vast quantities of data far quicker than humans could, and automatically detecting and alerting us to events that deviate from normal workings of a network. However as artificial intelligence becomes increasingly widespread, the potential for attackers to leverage this technology for malicious means is …

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Mobile Gaming: The future of esports?

Esports – organised, online competitor gaming – has experienced significant growth in recent times. According to the latest projections from specialist market intelligence firm Newzoo, the eSports global industry is set to grow to $908m in 2018 (38% growth from 2017) reaching $1.4 billion by 2020 with sponsorship and media rights being the biggest revenue streams. Audience numbers are swelling …

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Diversity in Recruitment

Why is diversity an issue you should be addressing? Yes we know there’s a skill shortage, yes we know you want to hire the best candidate, yes we know you are in a hurry to hire. But the problem is going to get worse. Only 16% of the UK’s ICT workforce is female. Deloitte identified that by 2040 there will …

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Forget ‘evil’ bankers: Meet the fintechs helping to bring financial wellbeing to ordinary people

Post-financial crisis, as the reputation of traditional financial institutions lay in tatters, a new breed of fintech firm began to emerge. Rather than focusing on helping the rich get richer (an accusation levied against many banks), these companies were making use of innovative technology to help improve the ‘financial wellbeing’ of ordinary people. Capitalising on an increasing consumer trust in …

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Digital Advertising: Is Amazon poised to break Google and Facebook’s duopoly?

Although it may seem to consumers that no industry is untouched by Amazon, the tech behemoth has previously been somewhat coy about its ambitions in digital advertising. However, this is changing; despite Google and Facebook continuing to dominate with around 70% combined market share, it’s Amazon that is increasingly taking the limelight with a new product focus and rocketing revenue …

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How edge computing is transforming enterprise networking

Computing infrastructure is being turned on its head. While cloud computing centralised data processing, edge computing, driven by the internet of things (IoT), enables device level processing closer to the source of data. Enterprises need to embrace this distributed, decentralised model of computing in conjunction with cloud to remain competitive in today’s landscape. Edge computing refers to processing at the …

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We’re all aware of the effect that VR and AR technologies are having on industries like gaming and entertainment, but what about elsewhere? Whether it’s teaching self-driving cars ethics of the road, to helping people practice public speaking, industries from real estate to fashion are embracing VR in new and innovative ways. Here’s a few examples… Medicine The potential for …

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Integrating technology into our homes to make it ‘smart’ is becoming the norm. The number of internet connected devices reached 8.4 billion last year, with the consumer sector representing 63% of this. From getting Alexa to order you an Uber, to controlling your heating from your smartphone these devices have made our lives more convenient and enjoyable. However the security …

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2017 was a momentous year for the UK’s fintech sector. Despite concerns about the impact of Brexit, the market is now worth an estimated £20bn and growing. Venture capital investment in the UK’s tech sector topped the rest of Europe to reach a record-breaking £2.99bn (more than four times the amount received by second-place Germany) and it was London’s fintech …