It is likely that your career ambitions will have taken a back seat in the last 3 months. For many events beyond their control will mean they have now been forced to look for a new role, or as lockdown eases, it could be time to consider your future.

According to a 2018 study from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the typical employee stays at a job for just over four years. Millennials are thought to take a new job every 2 years.

In the last month we have been seeing 4 new, interesting considerations from candidates entering the job market.

Factors that are encouraging career moves:

  • Overworked or under resourced. If survival mode has become the new norm, this is unsustainable. Facing burnout, a new job becomes attractive.
  • Lack of appreciation. Working remotely has lead people to feel unappreciated. If you could be guilty of this, explore the Nurse Mentality for leaders from Thimon De Jong  – we think this is on point.
  • Salary cuts or salary freezes. Interestingly, this is secondary to lack of appreciation.
  • Feeling isolated or the workplace has become toxic.

What they are keen to understand about a new company:

  • What does the future look like for this employer? Are they agile and innovative?
  • Are they grasping the opportunity to drive Diversity and Inclusion goals?
  • How did they navigate the pandemic? How did they treat their people?
  • Can I still meet my career ambitions?

If any of these strike a note with you then check out our latest vacancies here.