All executives will be aware of artificial intelligence and machine learning, and their potential to transform business. But implementing it across the enterprise is tough.

Recent figures show that 85% of CEOs are investing in AI initiatives, and new use cases are emerging all the time. These include; customer service (eg. chatbots), sales process automation, consumer recommendations, threat intelligence, fraud analysis, and preventative maintenance. The challenge for executives, however, is ensuring that they are investing in AI to solve for the biggest challenges facing their sector – not just for the gimmick or for fear of falling behind their competitors.

To do this successfully, PwC recommends that executives develop an AI strategy by first understanding the range of potential applications, then clearly defining a vision for the company’s AI-enabled future, before putting processes in place to deploy artificial intelligence, and preparing your people. Talent management is a crucial part of this; in the short-term technical skills are in high demand, but AI is also likely to alter roles across the business, meaning people will have to adapt and upskill.  For example, the role of the customer service agent may become more about managing systems, addressing complex queries and adding the human touch to the customer experience.

Over the coming years artificial intelligence is set to radically shape not just business but our entire lives. Disruption is ahead, and it’s certain that companies need to be investing in these technologies now if they want to remain relevant in the future.

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