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Finding Leaders in 5G: Hiring Top Telco Talent for Interim Roles

The biggest challenge and opportunity in Digital Transformation is having the right people to execute on your strategy. With changing business attitudes and the kick-off of new transformation projects, there’s a real need for strategic Interim Management.

Hiring the best Interim talent is a challenge that every telco has faced and needs to be prepared for. Finding the right manager can solve critical business challenges and help telcos navigate the changing seas.

When I think of the challenges an Interim Manager can tackle I think of the military acronym VUCA or Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous. These are scenarios where Interim Managers can tackle difficult challenges and bring new value to a telecom business.

The VUCA environment isn’t necessarily negative. It’s an environment that affords opportunity and the chance to transform your business. This is exactly where Interim Managers can thrive and solve problems quickly and efficiently.

Their impartiality and experience enable them to navigate complex environments quickly, transfer knowledge and deliver on challenging investment decisions that to some may be unpopular.

One area that VUCA is manifesting itself in the wholesale world is around the opportunity afforded by 5G. While the industry can see its potential for new revenue streams, it isn’t entirely sure how to unlock it.

The challenge for wholesale providers is that MNOs themselves are still unsure about their own 5G strategies with varying motivations for early deployment. It is essential that the wholesale community understand clearly what is motivating the MNOs as doing so will be imperative for their strategy.

This is the habitat of an Interim Manager who can assess the situation with an outsider’s perspective and offer unbiased strategic advice.

The value comes from the clinical approach ensuring every angle is considered and their ability to devote themselves entirely to the task in hand without the distractions of personalities or preconceptions.

We are not advocating that the Interim is a replacement for the permanent leader of your 5G business unit, but they are the solution to the immediate problem that will unlock new opportunities and lay the foundations for your future 5G success.

Hiring the right Interim Manager can bridge the gap for telcos who need to solve these new and emerging business challenges and manage risk. They have no time for deliberation and will be action orientated solving the problems you may have been procrastinating over in less time than it takes to run a recruitment process and wait for a candidate’s gardening leave to end.

To be successful in these roles, all Interim Managers need is a clear brief and clarity on their assignment. It is essential that the companies they support communicate what success looks like and get agreement on time lines.

At the same time, Interim Managers need the authority to affect change. They don’t need the keys to the city but clear and obvious sponsorship from the leadership team delivers faster results.

Having spent 20 years ingrained in the Telecoms sector Expand Executive Search understands the challenges that the wholesale community faces. Our global network of Interim Managers enables us to connect you with the best talent that will help you navigate your transformation journey and make it a success.

To find out more about our Interim Management services please contact Richard Edwards our Director of Interim richard@expandexecutivesearch.com