Company: Mi-Pay, based in London, is a recognised leader in the payment processing solutions market. They free you from fraud risk. They take away the friction when you are being paid. They remove limits on when, where and how your customers can pay you. They manage all this complexity for you – they make payments simple.

Project outline: Mi-Pay required a Sales & Marketing Director to develop and build upon their current MNO relationships and drive new business across EMEA.

It was essential for them to source a candidate with a network of contacts already in place who would be able to not only secure new business but also generate maximum profitability from their current client base.

Strategy: With the speed of delivery being a critical factor, a strategy utilising our Commit service commenced. It was agreed that expand would deliver a shortlist in ten days, using this project based methodology. The candidate appointed needed to be in place within eight weeks to ensure a full handover could be undertaken. During the launch meeting with Mi-Pay’s CEO, we mapped out the requirement, the selection process, and secured interview dates.

After two days of mapping out the full market of potential candidates, Paul then started engaging in a week of intensive head-hunting. By the ninth day, he had secured the shortlist and all candidates had been interviewed face-to-face. The shortlist was then delivered and the interview process started. All candidates undertook a behavioural assessment as part of the process which supplied further rigour to the selection process. After two weeks of in-depth interviews and assessments, Mi-Pay secured their EMEA Sales & Marketing Director.

Results & Candidate Feedback: Paul Southgate successfully completed the project to a high standard and reduced the time to meet the required deadline. The work carried out was thorough and the best candidate for the role was placed.

The newly appointed EMEA Sales & Marketing Director tells you of his experience here:

I have worked with several Head-hunters/search agency organisations over the last 30 years. Historically, the experience generally speaking used to be pretty good however in recent years I have experienced a marked decline. Paul was a refreshing change and has restored my faith in the recruitment industry.

Firstly, he took the trouble and had the foresight to seek out a candidate (me) who did not naturally fit a traditional target profile as I had run my own business for 15 years, but he looked ‘outside the box’ for the sake of his client Mi-Pay. He constantly communicated with me, building trust and transparency and provided regular feedback. This I found reassuring and irrespective of whether I was successful in securing the role or not, I would have no hesitation to recommend Paul and expand executive search.

Lastly, I felt the assessment and the formal follow through added further value and professionalism. On a personal note it forced me to reflect on myself and as a result will adjust my selling style with certain personality types and in certain situations. It will also now influence my thought on the profile of candidates we would consider going forward at Mi-Pay.

Overall, a great experience.

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