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Adam King

Ella Tugwell

Role when joined:
Delivery Consultant


  • Consultant 2017

Adam’s initial aspirations for when he started working with expand:
When I graduated from University I wasn’t sure on the career path I should follow. However, I did know that I wanted to join a company that would teach me the necessary skills to operate in a modern day business. I craved the opportunity to work independently without being constantly micro-managed, I wanted a company that trusted me to do my job.

Why did he choose expand:
After interviewing with various recruitment companies, expand definitely stood out. They wanted to get to know me and whether the company would be right for me, rather than be satisfied that I could “do the job”. I felt they would give me the training and tools I needed to continue my development. In addition to this, they seemed like a company that trusted their employees which reflected in their flexible working and unlimited holiday initiatives.

 How this has changed Adam’s life:
I have been at Expand for just under a year and in this time I have begun building my own business. I have spoken with senior individuals and leaders within my sector and have been given the chance to attend events such as ITB Berlin. This has given me the opportunity to get a greater understanding of how business works and a chance to pick up new skills and improve old ones. It has also changed my personal life, allowing me to have more financial freedom and also providing job security.