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Lee Walker

Ella Tugwell

Role when joined: 


  • Senior Consultant 2012
  • Partner 2014
  • Director 2015

Lee’s initial aspirations for when he started working with expand:
When I joined expand I’d just had my first child. So, I wanted to ensure my wife didn’t have to work and could be at home with the baby. My goal was to build a team and move into a leadership position, I am now leading a fantastic team of 7. In 5 years, I have been promoted 3 times and am now an equity holding director.

Why did he choose expand: 
I had 4 offers on the table before I joined expand. The reasons it was an easy choice was down to the fantastic people culture and the fact I was given an opportunity to build something from the ground up. I wanted to work in Brighton where the quality of life is amazing and the city is always alive. It’s great that I’m in walking distance from the beach and right in the heart of the lanes! Another bonus is the easy transport links to London.

How has this changed Lee’s life: 
My success at expand has enabled me to take my family all over the world. I have been on holiday, brought numerous cars, travelled the world for business and even opened a new office in New York in 2016. For anyone wanting to join expand, everyone in the business wants you to succeed: you will never struggle to find an answer. There is a wealth of experience in the office and everyone is willing to help you. My final piece of advice would be to think hard about the market you want to work in and tackle it with everything you have.