SpiderCloud Wireless is the innovator behind a scalable and multi-access small-cell network platform that allows mobile operators to deliver unprecedented cellular coverage, capacity and smart applications to enterprises.

They are arguably the leader in the small-cell market and responsible for changing the way mobile operators’ future proof their networks.

Over the last 2 years expand has worked closely with the European executive management, deploying our Connect service, to help them build out their technical team across Europe recruiting the European Technical Director, Sales Engineering, and Delivery teams.

We have built a successful relationship with Spidercloud Wireless based on our understanding of how to attract the best talent together with an appreciation of what drives innovative early stage technology companies and the challenges they face.

Ron Pelley, VP and Managing Director, Europe at SpiderCloud Wireless said;

We continued to turn to expand for support as our European business took off and they were, for the most part, a pleasure to work with. It wasn’t always a smooth ride but they always had a knack for finding the right candidate for us.

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