Multi-project pricing management by establishing priorities and target dates, monitoring status of deliverables, coordinating requirements with departments and sharing status transparent to all involved stakeholders to deliver the needed pricing in time in close collaboration with Bid Management.

Key Responsibilities
  • E2E responsibility of bid pricing based on the ngena pricing models and key counterpart for deal escalation
  • Delivering price points into the ngena benchmarking for improved product pricing and/or set-up measures to improve ngena pricing in close collaboration with Carrier Management
  • Proactively communicate with all departments internal but also external to ensure all necessary resources and activities are available to achieve a successful proposal submission
  • Coordinate all internal resources to deliver the needed input for the bid pricing
  • Following up with ngena customers on solution design, current bid status, purchase order status and win/loss analysis
  • Updating of bid pricing within ngena IT system environment