As an Expansion Principal, you will plan and oversee the launch of new markets throughout the world. You’ll also lead the deployment of the game-changing technology in partnerships with cities, public transit agencies, corporations, colleges, and other transportation providers.

Key Responsibilities

  • Defining, coordinating, and overseeing all logistical and technical aspects of launching the new revolutionary mobility solution in unexplored markets, working closely with operations, marketing, and technology development teams.
  • Managing and developing client relationships from the close of a new deal through to launch, translating a business agreement into a fully operational on-demand transit system.
  • Leading quality assurance and testing efforts for all of new projects to ensure an exceptional live service from day one, and providing ongoing support as needed to enable and promote project success.
  • Own ongoing operational execution and P&L for partner markets, tirelessly working to scale processes and systems to drive rapid growth.
  • Managing product expectations and development, working with the engineering team to distil requests and ideas into actionable next steps and technology features.
  • Leveraging your understanding of the company’s capabilities to inform the ongoing development of the expansion strategy.