Our client is one of the leading companies in thin-film technology and develops and manufactures high-vacuum coating equipment for a very wide range of applications. The company is a subsidiary of an international Swiss corporation with over 10,000 employees. The main production site in the Greater Frankfurt area has about 220 employees, with additional production facilities in China and the USA. The products serve the ophthalmic, precision optics, optoelectronics, flexible electronics, flexible packaging, 3D coating and large area coatings markets such as: Architectural glass. The company places top priority on pioneering innovation in key areas such as sputtering, PECVD (Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition), plasma assisted vapor deposition, machine automation, software, optical monitoring and outstanding customer service. In its application areas, the company sets the worldwide benchmark for machine performance.

In construction, 40 people work in four teams: electrical design, mechanical design, software and documentation. The head of electrical engineering reports to the head of construction, which in turn reports to the management.

The management task accounts for 50%, the other half is for the construction of complex machines and systems.

Key Responsibilities

  • Management of the electrical construction with five employees
  • Independent construction of complex machines and plants
  • Optimization of design processes towards lean design
  • Modularization of electrical equipment