Ready to take a significant role?

This job opportunity is to lead a talented and experienced team of 24 in delivery of growth via disruptive solutions, in the UK Enterprise market. You and your team will explore end to end opportunities with a transformational and exciting, if complex, product set.  As part of a global business, your team may be supporting B end deals, or leading A end opportunities.

Key Responsibilities

What makes this a significant opportunity:

  • Our client has a track record of world class innovation. Delivering network based solutions that offer end customers unique value.
  • This company has a considerable investment in marketing and digital sales tools that free sales people from their desk. We need a leader who is a confident coach, and an advocate of, engaging with prospects in a modern and engaging way.
  • As part of a Global organisation you will need to be comfortable in a highly collaborative environment.
  • The nature of the solutions will demand ability to work with partners- alliances with other vendors, service providers or Systems integrators.



We anticipate considerable interest in this opportunity, so to optimise your likelihood of success, please share details of the above so we can accelerate your application. Interviews and assessments will be completed by expand in late August.