We’re looking for a highly driven and mission-aligned engineer to join our team in a key engineering role to help elevate our Commenting Platform across largest media publisher companies in the world.

As a Team Lead, you’ll be joining a team of talented engineers, and will have lots of autonomy and immediate impact in controlling the direction of the application and the technology decisions surrounding it.

This opportunity is full-time only. No consultancies or software development agencies will be considered.

Key Responsibilities

The Team Lead will collaborate closely with seasoned experts on modern approaches and technologies, high-load environment, cloud computing, microservices, distributed fault-tolerant stack, and other fields. Candidates will be familiar with the technologies we are using, but may have not necessarily had the ability to work on them in their current job setting. That’s generally OK. However, you should have a true passion for technology that is apparent through your previous work experience.

Technology stack:

JavasScript ES6/Babel

React-Redux MongoDB






AWS and GCP Responsibilities