As a principal data engineer at, you will work together with our chief architect and our engineering and data science teams, to lead the evolution of the data pipeline we use to do that.

You are thoroughly familiar with Python, a variety of SQL databases, and the Hadoop/MapReduce family of technologies. If you have in-depth knowledge of Spark or some of the other specific technologies we use, so much the better, but for this position core data engineering skills are more important.

Key Responsibilities
  • Whether you think of yourself as a software engineer, a data engineer, or something else, you don’t just write good code — you write good code in the service of a sound design that makes sensible compromises.
  • You act as a force multiplier for the rest of your team, resolving the knotty decisions so that everyone can move faster as a group.
  • You are experienced enough to begin with a mission to fulfill rather than a rigid list of requirements, and exercise independent judgment to resolve points of uncertainty with teammates as they come up. You know the difference between the one-month, the six-month, and the two-year solution, and you know when each one is appropriate.