The company is a global supplier of industrial solutions for the processing of staple foods and the production of high-quality materials. Their process technologies make a significant contribution to food safety and are characterized by high energy efficiency. The companies mills convert around 65 percent of the wheat harvested worldwide into flour, and around 50 percent of all cars use their die-cast parts. Every day, billions of people come into contact with technologies of the company to meet their basic needs for food, mobility or communication. The Optics Division of the company, is a leading manufacturer of thin-film production systems and process technology, with applications in market segments such as fine and spectacle optics, automotive, coil coating and architectural glass.

Key Responsibilities
  • Engage in Worldwide sales activity in the field of optics
  • Be responsible for Sales support and coordination of sales and marketing activities of the external organization
  • Conduct Market and competitive analysis
  • Be pro-active in customer acquisition
  • Provide assistance in project planning and implementation