This is a major telecommunications provider who are a market leader in their native region and well respected globally. They offer a broad range of services across the world and have an established presence in London and Germany. This company have decades of experience in the telecoms sector, so you will be joining a stable and secure business.

Key Responsibilities
  • You will be managing this companies’ finance and regulatory strategy and compliance, and in turn supporting their strategic European development.
  • You will be asked to submit annual, quarterly and monthly accounting, statutory and tax compliance in accordance with defined Regulations/Acts.
  • Finance requirements include: Reporting (preparing reports which analyse and explain monthly/YTD financial performance), Budget and Forecast (preparing annual budget, as well as quarterly and half-year forecasts, and including these for management reviews with added commentary), and Tax/Accounting (such as cross-border billing, pricing issues, taxes are submitted on time, liaising with auditors etc).