My client is a part of a multinational group working in different domains ranging from Telecommunications, ISP/DSP, GPS and Tracking systems, Food and Beverage, manufacturing and wholesale, automation and e-commerce.

The Front-End developer is a new technical role in our Group. He/She will be responsible for developing Applications on Fintech Platforms.

Key Responsibilities
  • Working with clients and employers to develop ideas for a new website or renovating an existing website.
  • Help to develop a plan for structuring and presenting that information throughout the site.
  • Selecting, optimizing and, in some cases, creating graphic elements for a site.
  • Developing prototypes for a site that can be shown to employers and clients for their consideration and approval.
  • Coding a site and then testing its functionalities.
  • Monitoring sites to determine whether they are performing as expected and making corrections and adjustments as necessary.
  • Writing the needed documentation relative to all accomplished tasks.

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