We are looking for passionate and driven security advisors to join our team. In this role, you will make an immediate impact on a growing team advising customers who need your expertise. You will build relationships with clients in North America, Europe, and Asia, helping them to balance trade offs to meet their business and security objectives. You will work with them to understand the needs of their organizations, and develop plans to enable future success. You will also keep them informed of emerging trends in security and serve as a sounding board and trusted advisor for security questions and concerns to help build other aspects of their security program.

Key Responsibilities
  • Communicate with prospective and existing clients to understand their security needs and develop engagement plans to satisfy their requirements.
  • Develop an understanding of the business requirements and other motivating factors for clients.
  • Lead and perform security assessments to help organizations understand where gaps exist within their security programs.
  • Work closely with Customers and the internal team to develop plans of action for clients to ensure they achieve their desired outcomes.
  • Document and present findings and recommendations to clients, including C-Suite and board-level executives, in a professional manner.
  • Maintain relationships with clients post-assessment in order to assist and advise as they continue to build and improve their security.
  • Maintain competence in security trends, technologies, and practices through self-study and attendance of industry events.
  • Train and mentor other employees in order to build the company’s overall capacity and capability.
  • Work with internal leadership to develop, achieve, and enhance the revenue goals.
  • Provide internal Finance the data, reports, and project updates as required by clients, internal leadership, and business associates.
  • Perform business development tasks from the initial call with a referral or repeat client, through the proposal stage, and finally, to contract execution.
  • Effectively manage all Advisory projects, ensuring professional and proactive client communication is maintained by all Advisors and that client expectations are always met.
  • Author blog posts and create other content to educate internal customers as well as the broader security community on interesting topics.