Expand are looking for a RDK-B software architecture to Software design patterns and principles of architecturally sound implementation with emphasis on abstraction, interfacing, encapsulation, coupling, scalability and re-use

  • Component-oriented solutions, merits and challenges including hands on exposure in some relevant paradigms
  • Embedded Linux architectures from bootloader up to user-space applications
  • Linux subsystems including device-drivers, user-space / kernel interaction, systemd, inter-process communication
  • Different API mechanisms including when and how to use
  • Networking technologies & protocols including IP, Ethernet, WiFi and LAN management applications
  • Data representation and communication (e.g. JSON, XML)
  • End to end embedded software development, for technology products from requirements capture, design, development, test and post release maintenance
  • Software delivery workflow tools (e.g. Jira, Redmine)
Key Responsibilities
  • Break down product requirements into RDK-B based software requirements providing design / implementation input as appropriate
  • Within software feature delivery lifecycle, perform architect review and sign-off of RDK-B related tickets prior to commitment into development sprint
  • Provide point of synchronisation with Comcast Architecture teams acting as conduit of bilateral information share over existing RDK-B development and future roadmap
  • Provide source of subject matter expertise on RDK-B to support development and test teams deliver RDK-B based products