Founded in 1999, MyBudget is now one of the leading independent financial service companies in Australia. It was included in 9th position as part of the Bibby Financial Services list, FastMovers2012, with a turnover for the 2011/2012 financial year of $16 million AUD.

The company founder Tammy May was also recognised as one of Australia’s 100 Women of Influence by The Australian Financial Review in 2012.

The company helps customers by analysing; where they spend their money, who they may owe money to and payments or savings they need. Based on this information, a unique, personalised budget plan is created with a tailored roadmap to achieve goals, based on income and avoiding debt.

Brief of role to be appointed

MyBudget had plans to launch on an international basis. They required a Chief Technology Officer to build a new technology platform that would completely disrupt the current supply and demand chain for financial services globally. It was essential, that the candidate could prove an exceptional track record in delivering innovative global product releases that generated large scale customer traction in financial services.

Ideally, the person would have experience in a leading fin-tech company such as; PayPal, Currency Cloud or Funding Circle. They would also be required to relocate to MyBudget head office in Adelaide, Australia.

Strategy for attracting suitable candidates

Expand was tasked with delivering a global search campaign, focusing on Singapore, London, and San Francisco. This involved working across multiple time zones from Asia at +8 hours to PST at -8 hours.

Along with telephone, email and social media approaches, we created a video advert and ran a broad online campaign. All suitable candidates were met and 1.5-hour interview was conducted. Where face to face conversation was not practical, video calls were undertaken. This covered the candidate’s key skills, relevant experience and delivered a full outline of the opportunity.

Client management

My Budget was given full visibility from project launch. The shortlist delivered was compiled of twelve candidates from the UK, US, Singapore, Argentina, Germany, Australia, and India. My Budget interviewed all twelve.

Expand facilitated a complex interview schedule. The final four candidates completed TTI behavioural assessments delivered in house by our expert Behavioural Analyst. Candidates were assessed to predict workplace performance against MyBudgets requirements.

The Outcome

We delivered an exact fit candidate within a 2.5-months, matching each aspect against the original specification. Initially, the candidate had not been considering a career move but his relocation from the USA to Australia was completed in two months.

“Expands delivery levels were exceptional. We previously experienced issues in finding candidates with the exact skill set and experience that were willing to relocate to Adelaide. The list of profiles provided not only delivered a candidate who was a perfect fit but also at least three other candidates we are considering for future hires. Paul made himself available from 5 am UK time daily and managed the full process without fault. I will only use expand executive search for all my future hires.”– My Budget founder and MD.

Please contact Paul Southgate, expands Fintech specialist to learn more about how he can find top talent for your business.